Yes, Master Taekwondo “trains” their students – but not in the traditional way most other taekwondo schools do. Typically, students pay their contractual fees, show up for class, follow the teacher’s instructions (hopefully he/she is a Master), then go home - only to come back to repeat the cycle. They know your first name, but little else. Master Taekwondo is radically different!  

One of Master Phil’s top priorities is to develop a personal relationship with each student. That’s why he requires an initial orientation meeting to discuss the student’s goals. Knowing the student’s priorities helps him develop the best coaching plan. This individualized coaching strategy then helps him develop the ideal training program.

Master Phil works with each student to perfect his/her form and proper techniques. Because the instruction is done one-on-one (as opposed to only large group training), it’s easy for Master Phil to see whether a student needs encouragement, or some additional fine-tuning.

Another unique factor of Master Phil’s coaching is his “availability” to his students. His friendship with his students extends outside the dojang. His students can contact him if they have a concern about school, need a word of encouragement, or just want to check-in to say “Hi.” Master Phil also offers this same courtesy to the parents of students that might have a question or comment.

Master Phil’s bottom line: “Master Taekwondo is more than just “training” for strength, speed, and power; a student’s character, integrity, confidence, and self-esteem can only be improved by coaching each student personally and helping them achieve their goals. I want students to feel that the time they’ve spent at Master Taekwondo has not only benefited them physically, but has also improved their lives.”